Adding a column


New member
Sep 19, 2011

I am brand new to logbook pro and so far I've been impressed. I am, however, having difficulties adding a column. This is exactly what I want to do...I would like to add a 'point to point' column to keep track of my 135 cross country time. So far I have created a custom field and have no problem adding the time to the spreadsheet. Where I am having an issue is when I create a flight log, it is not there. I have also created a custom templete for both the Jeppesen and the binders by replacing an unneeded column with what I need and it does not autofill into the new column.

So there ya have it. It seems like it would be an easy fix, but I'm just too new to figure it out.


Hello Ryan,

Welcome to Logbook Pro. I assume the problem you're inquiring about is the data for your custom column is not appearing in the report? Go back to the custom report template system and select your custom report template if it's not already selected/opened for you. Click in the column where you want the custom data column to appear. On the left side is a configuration area where you can set the column heading, etc. Make sure in the DATA element you select your custom column as the source of data for this column. Alternatively, you can RIGHT-CLICK in your custom column on the report template and a field chooser will popup which you can then expand the + indicators and then select the custom time column. Be sure to click SAVE to save the custom report template. Now run the report by clicking the Reports/Flight Log/Split-Reports/[your report series]/Custom/View [your custom template name].

If the problem remains send me a backup of your data file (File..Backup to File) via the help desk.