combining days flights


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Feb 1, 2006
I have been using Logbook Pro for a bit and am just starting to use the PPC companion.
I am using the tap method to record the Block In/Out, as well as Take off and Land times to compute the flight.

Unfortunately, as a freight dog I have as many as 8 legs per day 4 stops on the morning run and 4 on the evening. I have no interest in recording this as 8 flights. I can’t afford that much paper in my logbook. I would just prefer to record this as 1 flight or 2 at most. Is there a way to have logbookpro, or the companion combine the days’ flights into a single record, or am I just better off just taking the days info from the manifest to put into Logbook companion, without using the block out, take off, land, block in features?

Logbook Pro (and PDA Companions) are designed to log multiple legs into one flight log entry. You then adjust the "Legs" value to tell Logbook Pro how many legs/flights you have in this logbook entry. If you are using block times, that would have to be cumulative as a start/stop for the day otherwise I suggest you not log your block times. In the version 1 series of Logbook Pro we do not use block times for anything other then a record of the times for you future reference, therefore, they serve no purpose once the Duration is calculated. In a future version, this is probably going to change (i.e. v2 next year) as we'll be using it for duty time calculations and other related features.

So for now, hopefully the above makes sense. You may also be interested in our APDL product if you are an airline pilot. It is a specific airline pilot logbook for FAR 121 logging and can work along side Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion, you just can't log the same flight. But you can have them both installed on the same device to use as you wish.