Continuous Printing


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Aug 8, 2006

My question is regarding printing reports. A few years ago I entered all of my information into Logbook Pro and printed it off prior to going for an interview. I had my employers, instructors sign off my flight time at the coressponding intervals, which is required by some employers and also by Transpsport Canada for the purposes of certifying your flight time for licensing purposes. It was great, looked professional and worked like a charm.

However, I noticed since then if I want to continue to this report/logbook, it will not continue to tally my totals from the last page of the original print job. If I select the dates after the last print to todays date, it totals that amount of time rather than continuing to tally form the beginning. If I export the entire logbook, planning to print off the pages that I need only, the entries dont line up or the page totals don't add up. I've also notice that the running total at the bottom doesnt match up either. This is frustrating because, in order to get a proper looking logbook, I would have to print the entire logbook over again and then have my previus employers/instructors re-sign my logbook everytime. Is this a flaw? Or have I missed something? Has anyone else had this issue?

In order to add pages to an existing print job you should choose ALL DATA on the date filter otherwise the totals will not calculate properly, you'll only get totals for the date range. You should then select a print range that only contains your new pages but you'll probably need to overlap the last page of the prior printout if it wasn't complete. Additionally, if you ever go back and add/remove an entry prior to the end date of the last print job you'll have to go back and print from that edit forward again most likely.

You should run the very same report as you ran before. The recommended reports are the Split-Reports system. If you printed years ago you may have used one of the older reports so you'll need to find that report and use it. For legacy purposes we didn't remove any older report formats, the split-report series was added about 2-3 years ago as I recall, but the old ones should still be available within the Reports menu.

Hope this helps.