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Country Report


New member
Mar 2, 2016

I am a new user to route browser and really like the report section where you get a list of the airports visited in each state. Because i travel extensively internationally i was hoping that i could get a report of the countries visited with the airports listed below? Is this a possiblility? If so i can not figure it out and would appreciate a quick explanation. If not would this be possible as an update feature and if so how often do you update the route browser? Seems like this could be a useful feature for all? I have been a happy user of LBP for over 10 years now and really appreciate what Neil has provided to us over this time period. I should have purchased route browser earlier.


Randy Rufi
I also would like to be able to see a list airports flown in different countries. My fellow pilots who don't use Logbook Pro shrug when I show them the program, then they light up when they see it graphically displayed on a map. That's when they get interested, it's a real selling point. It's a shame it's been so long since an update has been released for the Route Browser and a country and airport list would be on top of my list for updates.