Credit for Deadhead


New member
Jun 20, 2005
I am am credited deadhead pay at 50%. When I enter a deadhead leg, it shows the total flight time, not the 50%. In payroll categories under deadhead, I have apply to 30/7, apply to pay and apply rig 1:2, and popup lists all checked. Yet my logpage still shows the scheduled block including the 100% deadhead time, not the 50%
Un-check "30/7" on the payroll preference page under "Deadheads". D/H are not computed in 30/7 lookbacks.
The logpage will still show the actual amount of time that the flight was. Lets say you dh on a flight for 1hr. Enter in the actual amount of time the flight was, which was 1 hr. On the pay summary page it should only show 30 min towards your guarantee. Like Paul said, uncheck "apply to 30/7", and it should work fine.