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Currency Question


New member
Sep 23, 2004

I have a question on currencies. I have to set up an instrumentcurrency that looks like this:


- I have to fly 10 PAR OR 10 ILS approaches within 2 months

- I have to fly 5 instrument hours either Actual or simulated within 2 months


I can't seem to figure out a way to do this apart from creating a custom timefield to log actual+simulated flight hours and a custom counter to log PAR+ILS approaches. Is there any way around this?

And, while we're at it... is it posible to combine two or more currencies to one main currency?

Thanks in advance

Currencies are always fun to figure out aren't they? From my cursory review, you'd have to create two currencies, one that checks for your approach types, the other that checks for your instrument hours. There is no way to combine currencies in the current version, it was something in the design plan, but there was the potential for a 'loop' that would cause the program to lock up, so we decided to hold off on that until the next major version where we can look at this again.

Your other option would also be something that you could do to do this in one currency, and that is a custom field that tracks your instrument time regardless of actual or simulated. Then you could fold this all into one currency.

The best thing to do is experiment AND validate your currency configuration so it doesn't steer you to wrong information.

Hope this answers your questions.

Thanks for the quick response... it was something to that effect I figured would work. Is there any way to have logbook automatically add up actual and simulated instrument time into one time field or would I have to do that manually?

Thanks for a great program!

Hi again

I have one more question on the currency issue.... Is there any way to force logbook pro to calculate a currency within a defined period of time, e.g. 01/07 - 31/12. It would be nice if you could have this feature! If not, is it posible to have logbook start the currency from a specific day or will it allways calculate the defined amount of months (if that is what you've selected in the currency setop) backwards?

Thanks in advance


Logbook Pro is not designed to determine currencies based on a time frame such as 'was I current on 3 March 03' as it is designed to determine currency as of today and based on today's calculation, it will tell you days remaining in a currency and the expiration date. Currencies, as you know, are configured to check based on a periodicity of days, months, years. If the Logbook Pro community requests additional functionality such as you mention, and it's more than one that needs/requests it, please add requests to the Wish List forum and state examples and why this would be beneficial, the purpose, use, etc.