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Currency reports iPhone


Sep 1, 2008
So when I am in Logbook Pro on my PC the currency reports all show that I "pass" ie. day VFR, night VFR and a few custom ones I have created. However on my iPhone the only one that shows as "current" is VFR Day and VFR Night, all the others show as "Unknown".
The other ones that don't work show my ETOPS currency, one that shows my B-737 currency and one that shows my IFR currency.
What am I doing wrong?
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Okay I did as you said and synced my PC first then the iPhone app.
However I still have the same problem, but I would like to add that the dates when each currency expires on do show properly on the iPhone but the green, red or unknown flags do not. I only show a green current flag on my VFR day and VFR night the rest show Unknown.
Hello Michael,

If you are getting a yellow flag then there is most likely a date format mismatch between your PC and iPhone. Are they using the same settings such as Month/Day/Year?

If you require further assistance it would probably be best to include a screen capture of your iPhone issue here in an advanced reply or submit a help desk ticket.

Here are my screen shots from my iPhone. I think you are on to something with the date miss-match but I tried to change the time format in Logbook on my PC and sync after every change and the problem never changed.


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Problem solved.
It was a problem between the date formats of the Windows operating system not matching the Logbook settings.
Which is yet anouther reason why I switched to MAC.
Date format mismatch-windows

Yep, Michael, you're right. I run a Mac with an Ipad 2. I started using the app today for sync and I had the same yellow flags on my currency status page on the Ipad. I had to change my Win system date format for this to work. I'm not sure why a date isn't a date regardless of the format so perhaps it is sync software or something else. A date should be a date no matter how it is formatted. For now, my win is now using a different format for dates then what I want but it works. BTW I use parallels for running Win on my mac along with MAC OSX and and have for the last 4+ years. I use win for a few specific programs. I am happy to see an app for the logbook as I carry the iPad almost everywhere on my flights.