May 7, 2003
I need to develop various currencies for my military flight time. In particular, I need to identify Night Vision Goggle currency, which requires 1.0 NG/NV time every 45 days as a PIC or SIC; CP time does not count for currency. I don't see any way to combine the NG/NV and PC/PI requirements and when I use a combination of NG/NV and PIC or SIC, I get two dates which don't agree and don't necessarily provide the information I need. Have I missed something in the Help Section?

Wayne Morgan

I am trying to comprehend your post, it's a little hard for me to follow. However, if you take advantage of custom fields, you can then use these fields to build currencies. If you cannot figure out the combination to solve your issue, maybe try posting an example of your requirement clearly for the lowest common denominator (me) and I'll see if I can help.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Needed: Date when currency runs out

Currency requirement: 1.0 NG/NV PIC OR

Currency expires: 45 days

Problem is: I can't see a way to simultaneously designate the NG/NV time and PIC/SIC time (for the same flight). Some logged flight time combines NG/NV SIC and/or CP time (which for Army aircraft means 'not at the flight controls' and which doesn't count towards currency). Thus, all NG/NV time might not count toward currency, depending upon whether it was logged at the flight controls.

Does that make more sense?

Wayne Morgan
I think I comprehend your need, the problem is you are 'looking' at two fields for the 'price of one' in a currency. I need to think this through! Not sure it's possible, let me tinker with this for a little bit.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.