PIC currencies for type ratings


Mar 4, 2006
I can't find a way to do what I am wanting. I am trying to build a currency for the jet's on which I am qualified to act as PIC. The sticky point is building it so that if at a minimum we went to simulator training once a year, then on 2 types each time I went if I alternated I would maintain my currency (61.58) for both types. I can't figure out a way to make it do this without making 4 entries under history. Anyone here that is using it have currencies set up for jets they are or have flown? I need some help...thanks!

PS - The regulation states that a proficiency check is required every 12 months for an aircraft type requiring 2 pilots. It also states that if a check in a second type also requiring 2 pilots it meets the requirements fulfilling the proficiency check on the first type. (Bottom line flying 2 types - alternating checks every 12 months meets the requirements for both)

I can't figure a way to limit currency from a second type to <12 months. I have it set up under history a proficiency check (61.58) for each type. I have a currency for each type and using the OR function with any of the other types (but I need to limit this section to checks within 12 months of the previous check on the type for currency) Hope that makes sense.
Hope this helps. In options>history I created two entries, one for each aircraft type, both with 12 month/EOM parameters.

Then in the currency editor I created a currency item that I happened to call "61.58 and training" because they're usually concurrent.

I then put the two history events into the "any to pass" box. As long as one is current, they'll both be. It's not foolproof if training is sporadic, but if you alternate aircraft every 6 months, it should work.

Good luck.
Great...thanks...FalconDriver. I really hadn't thought of it that way. I can't remember how I got mine set up, but I think I figured out a way using a Custom field for the 61.58 and setting up an and/or with multiple options under the all required and using the OR for well...I really don't remember. Anyway...I'm going to print this off and keep it so when a new type comes around if the way I have it now doesn't work I can try this way. Thanks again!