Custom "duty" time field


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Jun 28, 2007
I created a custom time field for duty times. These times obviously always exceed duration of flight. I continuously get error messages that say value exceeds total time and that I cannot make an entry that exceeds total time.

Is there a better way to do this or is this a safety catch that could be refined?
Text data type is not appropriate. I too want to view my company CREDIT next to my BLOCK time. Please create an option to turn off this check or some other option so I can view my credit next to my actual flown. Also, I should be able to import my schedule prior to flying without inserting duration - so I can enter the duration on my iphone at the end of each leg.
Thank you
Custom Fields

Thank you for responding so quickly. That works, however I would really appreciate if you could address the data type issue for CREDIT time. Is it possible for you to make a change to allow an actual credit time (that is not text)? I am new to LOGBOOK PRO but it seems to me it would be prudent to have this along with paycheck comparison so pilots can easily check the legitimacy of their pay and maybe even per diem. What do you think?
The time fields won't be changed in "Logbook Pro" - it's a reference value only at this time for you. Logbook Pro is our "general aviation" product with additional features to help airline pilots. We can't change this field as there's no matching field in Logbook Pro PC edition at this time. We have to keep them in sync.

APDL is our FAR 121 app which is for airline pilots that will have this functionality. APDL is available for Palm and Pocket PC now. APDL iOS (version 7) is in development at this time. I don't have any additional details we can share publicly on this at this time.