Custom Fields

Jul 2, 2004
Dear Neal,</o:p>
I just entered one page of data from my paper logbook into Logbook Pro and then ran the analyzer on that date range. All the data matches except a value in a custom yes/no field I created called "Strong X-W." In the analyzer view it shows 2 total but when I look at the same data for the same date range in the Spreadsheet view it only shows one. Why is there a discrepancy? When I sorted all the data by aircraft ident. I found 2 yes values for this particular aircraft identifier but the other value was out of the date range for the analyzer. I thought the analyzer only looked at the date range defined. Am I mistaken? Thanks for your assistance.
Hello Mark,

How many LEGS are on that one row in the Logbook area?


There are two legs, but I have entered only one landing. I did this because I flew to a nearby airport to practice approaches but did not do any landing there, only one when I returned to my point of departure. Thanks.

Ok. May I suggest that you add a "Definitions" section to your help menu on version 2. Here you could define what each field in the logbook means and how they effect and are affected by the other fields. Thanks for the help.


It's simply part of the learning process as with any software application. Legs is covered in the documentation, click here to view.

Logbook Pro uses a new route format for flight logging breaking the traditional From-To style columns in the paper logbook systems. With Logbook Pro's combined format, enter all legs of a day's flights in one entry, separated by hyphens. Use the Legs column to specify the number of flights (or legs) this record contains.</BLOCKQUOTE>