Custom Logbook Cover page


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APDL Beta Team
Oct 30, 2007
I'm printing my second logbook for an interview. I really like the new cover page with the wings.

It would be nice to have a template, like you do for the 8710, which I can fill in the Logbook Number, the Entries from and Through information. It would look so much more professional if the info was printed vs me handwriting it in.

Another option is to remove it all together and I can make a template in MSWord and I can then add the info seperately while still using your cover sheet design.
Oh, I knew that, but I wanted the cool stuff you had on your cover page. I just didn't want to slop it up with my handwriting.

I didn't see your reply, but I have already gone and found a .bmp and made a good cover page. Only difference is the wings aren't the LBP wings.

Looks good if I say so myself.