Custom reports...


Nov 19, 2001
There is no way to create a a completely custom report, is there? By this I mean where I may define the exact number of columns and rows for which the fields of data will consist of.

Here is what I am trying to do: I have several logbooks, not all of which are the Jeppessen Professional style. I still keep the old school paper logbook for authenticity's sake. However, I would like to make custom reports that I could use to verify and validate the data on each of the logbook's pages in addition to verifying each pages totals. I have also noticed that the logbook pro Jeppessen report does contains 12 entries per page rather than the 13 that the real logbook contains.

No, there is not functionality at this time to create a completely new report other then changing the columns and data of the current report template system. You could easily modify the custom templates to suit the fields of your paper logbook and verify data, totals, etc. in this manner. The number of rows can be easily modified by changing the top/bottom margins, in addition to the row height change you can make in the report template system.