Custom Time Fields not showing up in Jepp or MGO Printable reports

Chris G

Dec 4, 2005
I have added two custom time fields for TURBOJET/FAN and TURBOPROP and am trying to print my logbook out for a potential interview. When I try to make a report thru either the Jepp style or MGO style I cannot figure out how to get these custom time fields to show up on the output.

I would like to convert them to pdf so I can take them somewhere to be printed.

Okay. I did as you suggested and changed the ROTOR/GYRO and GLIDER columns to TURBOJET/FAN and TURBOPROP respectively. When I select PREVIEW REPORT, there are still no times on the report that have been entered in the corresponding columns in LBP.

I guess I am having a problem getting the report generator to look in the correct place for the times? :(

When you click the custom column for which you want your data shown, look to the left and see what the data field is for this field. If it's blank or not as desired, click the drop down to the right of the "Data Field" row and select your custom field, then click SAVE. You can also click the desired column of the custom report THEN right-click that column and choose the custom field from the popup treelist selector.