Custumizing Time converter for logbook imports of canadian logbooks


Jan 20, 2006
Trenton, Ontario, Canada
Transport Canada > Civil Aviation > Publications > TP 14371 - Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (TC AIM) > TC AIM - AIR

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Hi, Based on Transport Canada regulations, our minutes-to-decimal conversions are different that the preset values of logbook pro. As I'd like to import my excel logbook, is there any way that I can customize the conversion factors as per the table below in the same manner that we're able to do in the APDL logbook?



P.S. actual reference for this governement info is :

4.1 Air Time and Flight Time

Air Time is the period of time commencing when the aircraft leaves the supporting surface and terminating when it touches the supporting surface at the next point of landing.
Flight Time is the total time from the moment an aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off until the moment it comes to rest at the end of the flight. This should be recorded in all Pilot Log Books.
NOTE: Air Time and Flight Time should be recorded to the nearest 5 minutes, or to the nearest 6 minutes when using the decimal system as follows:
0 to 02 = .0​
03 to 08 = .1​
09 to 14 = .2​
15 to 20 = .3​
21 to 26 = .4​
27 to 32 = .5​
33 to 38 = .6​
39 to 44 = .7​
45 to 50 = .8​
51 to 56 = .9​
57 to 60 = 1.0​
Are their any progress in this matter? I've upgrade to LB 1.10.17 (RC5) and the time conversion customizable capability is still not available.

The problem arises with the fact that, as I've customized my APDL to meet the Canadian standards, APDL then converts all times correctly but when I import data to LB Pro, it then redoes the calculation based on it's internal conversion table (based on actual imported Time out and time in) and changes the flight time entry in LB pro which of course no longer matches the APDL original time. (nor does it match any other time, i.e. Instrument time was equivalent to flight time in APDL and then differs by 0.1 once imported in LBPro created a corrupted database which I have to manually fix inLBPro).

It'd be nice as APDL is customizeable that LBPro do the same to match otherwise what good is it to have APDL report accuratly?

Any insights?