• Apple released it's annual update - iOS 17 for both iPhones and iPads. After preliminary testing we see no issues with both Logbook Pro and APDL on iOS 17. We will continue our thorough testing with the public release and follow up should we find any issues.

    We are giving a green light on iOS 17 for all of our iOS apps.

Data entry fields on PPC


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APDL Beta Team
Dec 9, 2003
Chicago, IL
It would be great if I could input my students name and/or remarks on the ppc version of logbook pro, and have it allow for what checkboxes I have on the pc version, so double entry would not be needed.

Any future updates planned for this?

Custom fields are identical on the PDA as they are on the PC. You can create Custom Text fields in Options...Custom to track items such as you mention, or custom yes/no fields (checkboxes) and these will also be available on the PDA after the next sync. To view the custom areas, click the popup navigator on the lower left to move between entry screens.