Data entry in the PDA companion


New member
Feb 17, 2005
I'm using the Windows PDA companion and can't seem to figure out how to save the entry I just made on the PDA and start a new one so I can enter a multi day trip in the PDA while i'm traveling. I hit the save buttton (floppy disk icon) but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

Its probably something really simple so sorry for the easy question.

After creating a new entry on the PDA, click the SAVE icon (disk) on the lower left. Then click the NEW icon (white page) to start a new entry, following it up with a SAVE again. Keep in mind the minimum information for a "complete" entry is: Date, A/C Type, A/C Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM).

You can use the navigation arrows to move forward or back to review entered data.