Data not syncing


Jun 17, 2003
The new 1.10.xx PPC versions are no longer useable for my anymore. There are unfortunately too many bugs and syncing no longer works correctly.

I won't list all bugs I've found but only the most important ones concerning me (Autofill was one of them but this one has already been fixed, thx).

* Whatever I do, all the data from the "OUT", "IN", "TAKEOFF" and "LAND" fields are not syncing to my PC. The total times of the other fields like "MULTI-PILOT TIME" or "INSTRUMENT" however will be sync to the PC. I used to enter only "TAKEOFF" and "LAND" dates/times with autofill which worked perfectly with LBP 1.9.xx but now it is just completely borked. No errors found in PDASYNCLOG.TXT.

* This bug only happends when deactivating the "show block times" option. After doing so and minimizing LBP on my PPC and bringing it again to the front, both the "TAKEOFF" and the "LAND" fields vanish behind "legs", "day landings" and "night landings". There are no longer visible and the data can therefore not be modified anymore. The only way to solve this is to shutdown LBP completely and reload which takes a considerable amount of time.

LBP PC 1.10.19
LBP PPC 1.10.10
ActiveSync 3.8
Windows XP SP2
HP iPaq 2210 with .NET CF 2.0
The first bug has finally been fixed with the latest version.

The second one with the disappearing fields however still persists.

After having both 1.10.23 installed to your PC and 1.10.12 to your Pocket PC, launch Logbook Pro on the Pocket PC and click File..Purge...Create a few test "dummy" entries then sync to your PC and see if you can duplicate the problem you are experiencing. If so, please outline the detail fully so I can attempt to reproduce it here.
Thanks for your dedicated work on LBP. I can no longer duplicate the vanishing field bug with the latest 1.10.14 version. It's fixed.

Thanks again that you responded in such a quick manner to both bugs and that I finally can use my PPC again to log my flights.