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Date format


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Oct 5, 2004
I have version 1.9.4 and my computer is running Windows 98. My company gives me my flight times electronically (tab delimited) so I can input them in a log book. So I save my company info (date, block times, routes, etc.) into an Excel Spreadsheet. It looks great, with all the correct columns. When I try to import my Excel spreadsheet into Logbook Pro, it asks me to choose a destination for each column. All of them work except for the date. The date format in my Excel spreadsheet is 01/01/04 and is exactly the format in my Logbook Pro spreadsheet. But when I try to select 'DATE' as my destination for my Excel date column, it gives me the error message: 'The target for the column selected is Date data type and the source does not validate as a date format.' But my Excel column IS formatted as that EXACT date format. What's up?

Have you checked the box at the top of step 2 that the first row contains column headings?

Oops, yeah, you're right. It imports great now. But I ran into another problem. It won't Autofill anything for my imported aircraft. But Autofill works for any manually-typed 'brute force' data I put into my logbook. Any suggestions?
thanks for your quick responses so far. But I don't see anywhere on the first Import screen where you can select or de-select the autofill function. Do you have a picture of this screen and where this check box is located? Also, your second point: the aircraft must already be in the database before you import. But another weird thing happens---after I import, a message box comes up that it is a new aircraft and the information (i.e. category, turbine/piston, etc.) needs to be updated. But I ALREADY did this before importing. The aircraft is an EM2.