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Jul 28, 2006
I've just recently purchased Logbook Pro and I am having a problem with the date format in the Windows style logbook display. I'm trying to set the format, on the Options screen, to "5 Jul 06" but when it displays it shows "Jul 06, 5" on the Options screen even before I click "Close". I still have the evaluation version of Logbook Pro loaded on my computer at work where the date format works just fine. The format "7/5/06" works OK on both computers. I'm running Windows XP Professional at work and XP Home at home. In checking through other threads on the forum I've noticed that it was suggested to check the date settings in the Windows Control Panel. My settings on both computers are identical (Short = "M/d/yyyy" and
Long = "dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy")

It's not just this one date format that doesn't work properly either. Several others don't format correctly:
Selected Format Actual Format in Windows style logbook
5-Jul-06 Jul-06-5
05-Jul-06 Jul-06-05
5 Jul 06 Jul 06 5
05 Jul 06 Jul 06 05
All of these format correctly in the spreadsheet style logbook

The date format is set in the Options...Flight Log area, middle of the dialog you'll see two drop downs. It only affects the display of dates in several areas such as Spreadsheet Log, Reports, etc. When you actually enter the date, some areas require M/d/yyyy, it's best to use the popup calendar if unsure.

That's where I'm trying to set the format (on the Options screen). But when I click on the selected format (5 Jul 06), it responds by setting the format to "Jul 06 5". This is affecting the format only in the Windows style logbook window; it is correct in all other windows.

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Did you notice I stated in my first post that the date format works OK on my computer at work which is in evaluation mode (same Release version)? I really don't remember whether or not it worked OK on my computer at home before I purchased it.

Date format

I have also had issues with date formats. The software seems to want to rearrange the date format other than what I have set, but in the end, it does register as the correct date - it just doesn't use the format I request. It also does the same thing with some of my custom fields. I record altitudes for my glider flights, but the software always tries to rearrange the order of my text in my entries. If I just ignore what it displays as I enter it, the end result after entry is correct anyways. It seems to be an odd bug, but it hasn't affected the utility of the software - just an annoyance.

However, it would certainly be nice if the 8710 used correct formats to make it more useful. I am still rather pleased how easy it is to use the automatic 8710 function to calculate all my flight times for me. I just need to transpose all the information to the FAA's acrobat version of the form and be sure to use the correct format. If Logbook Pro could truly print 8710's for me in correct format, I would truly be impressed.