Date/time picker suggestion after the latest revision


New member
Apr 19, 2008

In the date/time picker, I really liked the old way of entering the time since it was four quick number pad keystrokes and done (I try to use the mouse as little as possible), but I understand if there were issues with international Windows editions. I understand now that one must use right arrow key or the ":" colon symbol to advance between the two time fields, hours and minutes. Since the colon is two extra keystrokes and on a different part of the keyboard (not on the number pad) and it *really* slows down entry, could the "." period on the number pad also serve the same function? It is not needed otherwise so could it be re-purposed in this case? That would keep entry local to the number pad, be only one extra key, and be very quick.

Thanks for the continued improvements!

Thanks for the feedback. I don't foresee the functionality changing because the way it is now it actually uses the native Windows date/time picker controls. So this is how Windows intends for you to input the date and time values. I think once you get the hang of it you'll see it's not that bad. I can understand if you use the number pad, but if you use the numbers at the top of the keyboard and type with both hands on the keyboard the colon is more readily accessible. We each handle the keyboard differently though. Wish I had a better answer.

Thanks again.
I see. As required with most things, I'll just get used to it, I guess. Thank you for the prompt reply. Be well.