More items for the 2.0 wish list




there have been a lot of wishes concerning the JAA requirements, and most of the things I'd like to see in version 2 have been said. However, I'd like to add some items to the wish list anyway ;)

As far as I can see, for JAR the simulator time does not belong to the regular flight time, so if you train in a FFS/FNPT you'll find an extra section in the JAR logbooks called 'Synthetic Training Device Session' (DATE, TYPE, SESSION TIME). No other columns are needed for simulator sessions. I've customized most of the columns in LBP, which is by the way an excellent software, to comply with JAR, but when I make an entry (SIM) and fill out just those three fields, it - of course - complains about the flight time (which I have left empty according to JAR). Could you please fix that in the next version?

Another (minor) issue concerning the logbook entries: Is there any chance to explicitly mark times as UTC or LT?

One more thing I've noticed is a little 'misunderstanding' in the history section. I've entered my JAR Class 1 medical with an expiration period of 1 year / 12 months. My last medical is dated 28-SEP-04, but according to LBP it expires 31-SEP-05 instead of 28-SEP-05. I guess it must be something like LBP counts 365 days instead of same date + 1 year.

I hope these points have not been brought up previously and are worth being taken care of in 2.0 - can you make a rough guess about the release date?

Thanks for reading and keep up the good work,

Thank you for your suggestions. You had some questions in the post which are more suited for the support forum, but I'll go ahead and ask.

-UTC/LT: Logbook Pro is not 'time aware' therefore you can log whichever format you want. If you prefer to use UTC, all Logbook Pro does is compare the difference in the begin/end to come up with the difference.

-History: Ensure in Options...History the configuration is as you desire for the Event. Also ensure the EOM (end of month) is as desired. If checked, the event will expire at the end of the calendar month instead of the day in the middle of the month, such as the 28th.

Hi Neal,

thank you for your answers. I have some more questions, but I'll place them in the support forum. ;)

-- Tom