Daylight Savings changes to sched.


Mar 6, 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
My interpretation of you user manual was that if I checked the "apply daylight savings" is that APDL would automatically shift times for daylight savings - is that true?

Also here is my current situation - I have a trip where I fly from GDL (Guadalajara MX) to IAH (Houston, TX) after the DLS switch. With the rest of my day spent flying in the same time zone. APDL has calculated this as a 8+39 work day, and gives my a pop up warning every time I look @ that day because GDL is UTC-6 and so is IAH - but I have "apply daylight savings" checked for IAH.

Also I looked at the previous day’s schedule & APDL only shows the flight from IAH to GDL as being 1+31 instead of 2+31.

This is very frustrating how do we solve this problem?
Daylight Savings begins on March 11th at 2:00 AM (USA). For a list of changes worldwide click here.

On or after March 11th, check "Daylight Savings is in effect" on the "Timezone Settings" preference page. If you are importing trips after March 11th, wait until you have checked "Daylight Savings is in effect". If you have a trip that starts before March 11th, Import the trip. Then switch to your Logbook Timezone, and manually correct the times after 2:00 am on March 11th. The reverse will need to be done when we end DST in the fall.
Are there any plans to make APDL "DST Aware"? This manual switching back and forth is a pain in the rear considering the airline I work for flies to more than 150 different cities!!! I thought software was to automate minor functions like this.
What do you do if you are flying between the US and Mexico between March 11 and April 1st? Mexico doesn't change there time when we do anymore.
What do you do if you are flying between the US and Mexico between March 11 and April 1st? Mexico doesn't change there time when we do anymore.

You will have to manually edit the Mexico airports. You should be able to go into your airport list and deselect DST for the effected airports. You will need to adjust any trips that already have already been imported.
Yes, that is how I have mine setup and I keep my logbook in UTC. The only problem you would encouter is if you try to filter your times to local or logbook if it isn't in UC. It may not show the correct local times unless you had the timezones setup correctly. The duration would remained unchanged.
Eric's Time Zone Settings???

If I run my APDL in Zulu like you do, how do I set up the individual airports.
Do I still enter each arpt with its correct deviation from UTC (non-DST of course)?????

:idea: Better yet, would you delineate please how you have set all the Time Zone in your APDL and WHY????
I'm sure it would help people {like me} to better understand the intent of those settings.

It's a great program, that I think needs great understanding to live up to its potential.

Yankee Clipper
Yankee Clipper,

I agree APDL is a great program but it does take some time to learn how to use it. We are always looking at ways to improve the program and make it more intuitive to use.

I use ZULU because that is what my compnay does everything in. When I go to a new airport I just pull the UTC offset out of our aircraft's FMS/GPS. A good website that I has time information is

Enter the airport's UTC offset as if DST doesn't exist. Then check the DST box for the specific airport. You should then never have to edit the airport again. When it is time to change to/from DST you just have to check one box for DST located on the PREFERENCES TIME ZONE SETTIGNS page in APDL.

I will list a few airport that I have.

DTW (Dertoit Michgan) UTC -5 DST box checked
ORD (Chicago, IL) UTC -6 DST box checked
ELP (El Paso, TX) UTC -7 DST box checked
SEA (Seattle, WA) UTC UTC -8 DST box Checked

I think this is everything you asked for. If not, let me know.
Domicile & Logbook settings when using ZULU time

I deduce from your header info, you are based/located in DTW (US EST/EDT => UTC-5).

On (OPTIONS)(PREFERENCES)(TIME ZONE SETTINGS) is your "Domicile" set to UTC - 5, your "Logbook" to UTC - 5, because you are based/located in that timezone, EVEN though you run APDL in ZULU????

Is your "Import Schedules in?" set to ZULU, because your company does everything in ZULU?

Yankee Clipper
You are correct that I am based in Detroit for an international carrier and I have my Domicile set to UTC-5 with DST checked.

My airline doesn't use published schedules since we are a 121 supplimental carrier that works in the on-demand environment.

I make sure that my LOGPAGE is displayed in ZULU before I enter anything. This eliminates most problems with crossing many times zones and of course keep your logbook in UTC.