Default A/C N-number


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APDL Beta Team
Aug 12, 2006

Ever since upgrading to the latest iPad app, I haven't been able to get schedule imports to use my default N-number. I use N4 as the default and it has been using N/A instead.



If you have "Use Recent Recall" ON in Settings/Schedule Importer it will use the last used A/C Type instead of default A/C Type if available. Try turning off Recent Recall and see if that fixes it.

Recent Recall has always been off. It worked prior to the last update.

Try turning off recent recall in both Settings/Schedule Importer and also Settings/Flight Log (at least recall ident). Then give it another try and see what happens.

I tried it like you asked and I'm still getting N/A as the default a/c tail #.

Please go to the About screen of the app and submit a bug report, that will send me your settings to work with. Also send an e-mail to with your trip data/filter/time-zone setting so I can use the schedule importer and import against your same settings.


I apologize for the delay in investigating this issue for you. The schedule importer can pickup A/C Type and Ident data if it's provided by your trip provider. Our parser was picking up "N/A" for the N-Number in your particular case. I updated the schedule importer to check for N/A and remove it so the app, when it receives the trip data, will continue to process your defaults or recent recall settings, as specified. This issue is NOT an issue with the app but instead just something peculiar with your trip data.

Most likely if you have trip data stored in your cloud account you'll need to clear those trips and reprocess the trip data again. You can then delete the prior trips in your app and reimport them.

Let me know if this resolves your issue. Thank you for using the forums so others can learn from your situation.
I resynched my trips and they all were imported with my default tail number. Thanks for the fix.

I'm a little surprised this hasn't come up before as I'm sure you had to have an example of our CSS trip data to test my airline's schedule for import. Perhaps the format has changed since then?