Depart and Arrive


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Feb 5, 2003
Am I missing something?

I would like a column for Departing Airport and Arriving airport. For the life of me, the route of flight field doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Sometimes it's nice to sort on departing or arriving airports.

I guess you could make these as custom text fields.


The program is designed for the data to be combined in a FROM-TO format, or continuing the locations for multiple legs in a single entry, i.e. KXYZ-KZYX-KXZY-K???

You can add custom 'text' columns in the Options...Custom area to add the from/to fields yourself in addition to the route field. The route field is required for the reports, etc., unless you design your own template from the custom report template options.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.

Thanks for your quick reply! Another feature that I have in Flightlevel 2002/3 is autofilling the departing airport. Can Logbook Pro do that? I didn't read about it (Doesn't mean I did not skim over it).

For example, let's say my route was KDEN-KSFO, then my next entry would presumably start out from KSFO. The KSFO is what I would like to have autofill into the first part of the route field on a new entry.

Justin B.
It makes perfect sense to me. I fly 6-7 legs a day. I have 10 years of flying logged simply as the total block time for the day. I can't go back and recover ever leg ever flew. The one prime reason I have LBP is the style of entry for the route. That being, room enough to describe the entire day's flying.