Dept and Arrv. & OUT and IN ideas.


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Jun 1, 2002
Is there away to fill out the off and in times without the pop up? Just by using the start date and typing in 4 numbers?

How long untill a data base for airports is available and how should I enter my airports so it changes over with the up-date? IE: with a /,-,or what. What about making a User field for the Dept and Arrv.

I'm not very interested in the route, only the Dept. and Arrv. points and the distance between them. Can the airport data base make a formula to give mileage based on Lat/Longs.

One other thought. I would like to include a formula that would take a total flight time of say 10 hours at cruise as instrument and the time below FL180 as not Instrument time. Say 10% of the total flight time as not Instrument. I don't know if it is needed for legal aspects, but this would tend to be the only time I have reference to the ground.

Thanks Brian
The only way of entering the four time entries is via the popup window. It has validation and Duration calculations built in, and had to be implemented in v1.6 due to some other issues in the way it used to work. We'll see if in v2 it can be direct input.

There is no plan to fix Logbook Pro to a database or regulations that require maintenance updates. This is the flexibility of Logbook Pro. If you enter your route via the standard identifiers, you'll see a 3rd party solution very soon that will read your routes and display some very interesting information. Stay tuned, it's coming VERY soon.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.