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    We are giving a green light on iOS 17 for all of our iOS apps.

Development has started, tell us what you need

Neal Culiner

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Nov 14, 2001
Logbook Pro Team Members,

We are beginning development of the PDA companions to Logbook Pro. We are very interested in what you want in a PDA version, for Synchronizing logbook data with the PC version of Logbook Pro. We suggest going to www.palmgear.com and trying out the many PDA logbooks available and tell us what you like and don't like.

We are all ears, now is the time to get your suggestions in.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
My suggestion is to contact the owners/developers of the Airline Pilot's Daily Avaiation Logbook. (www.airlinelogbook.com). This Palm application has made excellent inroads with several airline pilots as the tool to track daily flights.

The Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation Logbook is a supplement for calculating:

- Logging flight time in an easy to use trip format
- Calculating FAR 121 duty limitations
- Calculating FAR 121 rest requirements
- Organizing trip times for payroll purposes (i.e. block, cancel, repo, training, reserve, misc., and above guarantee)
- Wizard reminders for duty, rest, and contractual limitations, including maximum, actual, and scheduled block, and duty requirements

Several pilots at my airline have already made queries with the developers to enhance some of its export functions to work specifically with Logbook Pro.
I second the suggestion of J41CA's to contact the makers of the daily airline logbook. I currently use this application and swear by it. There is not much more I can think to add to this application. the most convientient part to this application is the ability that Paul Auman has created to import our airline schedules from the company website. He has made this feature available to pilots of many different airlines. Without this feature, the process of entering our schedules in order to figure out our crew rest and pay summaries would be long, tedious and a more cumbersome process than its worth. The only catch is, I don't know how useful it would be to a non-airline user. but then again, such a user probably wouldn't have the use for it that a professional pilot would.
I would very much like to see a Logbook Pro version of this program. This program is all you need for logging time. Many pilots I know use this program. To have a Logbook Pro pda version of this program compatible with my PC would make logging all of my flight times, pay, schedules, time away from base, etc. painless. My tax lady would love you for it.
Im looking forward to a PDA version of LogbookPro.

I would like to able to enter flights in the H:mm format as all my hours are in that format.
Fields like Autoland, ETOPS, Co-Pilot, auto fill previous records of Dep / Dest as to make less entries would also be greatly appreciated.

When synching with the desktop I would like it to as simple as just clicking one button, simplicity is the key.

Thanks for asking us what we would like to see in the software, i wish Microsoft would do the same.

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Seeing what the other members have requested, I agree. I, too, am a user of the Pilots Daily Aviation Logbook by Paul Auman and find it extremely usefull and user friendly. To incorperate these abilities with Logbook Pro's current program would be extremely satisfying. /forums/emoticons/biggrin.gif

I look forward to reviewing or becoming a beta tester of the PDA version to determine how the user interface works. Until then, good luck with the program.


I am currently using The Aircrew Logbook by Bob Anderson and the features that he had in the program suits me very well.

1) He auto calculates day and night.
2) Has option to insert new airport database.

Also for my palm I am using PalmLog Pro from NomadTech

I find it very convenient but missing the features of The Aircrew Logbook.

Maybe you can incorporate these 2 features together. Most importantly it has the feature to select time in Hh:Mm or decimals.
I, also, am a big fan of Airline Pilot's Daily Logbook. I would would like to tie the programs together so that info flows from to PDA application to the Desktop application. I don't have a need for it to flow the other direction, yet.
I'm sorry, we don't post dates of any releases in this forum. We will announce information when it becomes available. Setting dates for releases only leads to frustration as software is very hard to predict production dates.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I am an airline pilot and I also fly GA for fun.

I need something that can help me track all of my flight time both HH:MM and HH.HH, as well as look back 7 days, handle timezones, crew rest, PIC, SIC, 3 night ldgs in the last 90 days, etc...

If you could also handle importing my Airline schedule, and exporting to my excel paysheet, that would be sweet.

As long as I am wishiong, I need this compatible with an IPAQ.

And also something to handle the GA stuff.
Being UK based, calculating CAA/JAA duty limitations and rest requirements would be a MUST HAVE for me. Furhermore, being able to customise FTL's would be a bonus. Many airlines (mine included) have scheduling agreements that are more restrictive in certain elements than, say, CAP371.
I suggest to look over at Pocket Informant, see how the data entry for time and date was accomplished. It is pretty much perfect, and the application is very fast.

To be honest, after using Logbook Pro on the PC, I was a bit disappointed with the current PDA edition. IMHO it is not up to Logbook Pro standards. I guess it will get better.

For the topic... I would like to see the remarks section on the same page (as an option), and some kind of spreadsheet style page for the entered flights so you could go back directly without paging.
HP 6500 series Ipaq

As more phones are becoming integrated PDA's. I wish you would create a version of ADPL and or "PDA companion" that is compatable with a square display. I have ADPL... but as is, it is unusable on my Ipaq 6515.