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Displaying certain date range of flight hours


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Jun 24, 2005
I have been trying to display a certain range of flight hours. ie 8/25/1984 through 6/9/2005. Yhe totalis still the total flight hours. how can I only get the total for that date range?

I need more information such as where are you trying to view this information? Reports, Graphs, Analyzer, Log area, etc.

If you are going to an area with a Date Filter, but sure to click the button centered underneath the two calendars 'Generate...' and not the 'All Data' button as that bypasses the filter selections.

I tried the custom from the drop down menu just above the date. What I am trying to do is to just show the flights in the spreadsheet format for one page or range of my paper logbook to confirm the entries in LBP and make sure the total for all the columns agree because APDL has been syncing and not all the info has been correct in LBP. (See APDL Support for postings) If you could suggest a way I will try it.
Also what is the evaluator column for? And how do you undo the auto fill for the route column? Thanks

To filter information in the Spreadsheet Style log area, use the Filter Bar by clicking the funnel like icon on the sub-toolbar. You can filter by a custom date range then click update to filter your data. Please refer to the documentation.

Evaluator = Examiner = Flight Examiner = FE, etc.

I'm not sure what you mean by undo auto-fill for a route column, you can type in the field and modify it as required if that's what you're asking. The drop down will populate with approximately your last 15-30 recently flown routes (as of the current row's Date).

I tried the funnel and it brings up flights up but it still displays total filghts, hours, etc. Is there any way to get the range I have asked for to display only the totals for that range?

I also have a flight that was synced to LBP and it is entered out of order. Is there anyway to move that particular flight down the list in sequence two lines?

I believe you are inquiring about the summary bar, it shows the total then the desired number of days back as present in the summary bar configuration, which you can modify. But you cannot set the summary bar to show information between certain dates. I suggest using the Analyzer for the advanced time analysis.

Logbook Pro and the PDA Companions maintain the order of entry for flights on a given day. The only way to get them to reorder is to remove the prior flight of the day and re-enter it as it will then fall to the bottom of the list as it will be manually entered at a later date/time.