Displaying legs in Jepp logbook format.


Jun 8, 2006
Good Morning,
I often fly seven or eight legs a day. I was looking over my logbook using the Jepp format and I noticed that it can't cram that many legs into a column. They are all over the place and run into the line below. Can I change the font size or display it in a way that has larger columns. It needs to look good for an interview when my commuter airline tanks. Thanks a lot.
Thank you very much. That fixed it. Can I ask you one more question. Can you please explain how the printing process works? Do I send you my log book and you mail it back to me or do I have a kinkos do it? Also could you tell me how the paper and binders work? I'm a little confused about the printing process. Thank you very much.

I'm glad all worked out. The printing process is actually done by you from your printer. Our custom binders have custom paper which fits in your printer, it's standard "letter" 8 1/2 x 11 paper which you then peel off the perforated edges then insert into the binders. We have special offers going on right now with 15% off the bundled packages. Check out our online store for the bundled combo offers.

I suggest referring to the documentation for more information on reports. Also, I recommend sticking to the "Split Report" series of logbook reports.