Don't want to update


Aug 28, 2007
I am getting a message that updates are available and that I must update to take advantage of certain features.
I don't want to update and I can't open LBP without updating.
I just want to continue using the program just like it is.
Forgot to mention

Forgot to mention that I am running Windows vista.
My machine with XP does not do this.
Try the following, if it doesn't work, please send us a ZIP file containing your .LBK data file OR send your recent backup (.BAK) file for review.

-Click and type in REGEDIT, press okay to get into the registry editor
-Expand Software
-Expand VB and VBA Program Settings
-Find any entries on the left with "Logbook Pro" in the text, right-click and delete each one
-Close the registry editor
-Uninstall Logbook Pro from the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area
-Rename C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro to C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro-OLD
-Reinstall 1.10.26 after downloading from the URL below

For tips on installing to Vista, please see: