Resolved iPhone to desktop sync problem


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Feb 25, 2022
I just went to update my times on some airline applications and I noticed that my total times dropped down. After looking into it real quick, I noticed that my desktop was missing 6 months of flying (I am missing July-December). I log everything on my iPhone and sync with my desktop. What is going on? My confidence with this program is good right now. How do I fix this? It will not sync and I getting really frustrated!
Hello @rich.maier,

I'm sorry to hear of the frustration. There is no way for a chunk of time to just go missing, this is typically caused by mixing up data files or backups. If the data is on a mobile device you can resync it. Read this kb article for help. If you maintained frequent backups you could try backing up, then restore a different backup as necessary.
Ok. So I reset all to unsynced and then did another sync. The desktop is still missing July to December. I don’t get it. I verified sync is working and it will not import those 6 months. It’s importing January and February just fine. It’s well over 200 flights, so to input all them again will take a ton of time. Any other ideas?
First, run a report such as Reports > Flight Log > Split Reports > Commander series, click ALL DATA on lower left of the date filter dialog and let then report generate and see if the same issue appears.

If July - December on your phone? If so it should have synced to the PC.

If unable to resolve this create a backup and send the .BAK file to your support ticket created.