Desktop vs Iphone logbooks don't match


New member
May 16, 2021
Have an issue where my total time on the iPhone app does not match up with the desktop software. Cloud sync is working fine, so that isn't the issue. iPhone is showing roughly 270 hours lower than the desktop. Any ideas on what is causing this or what might fix it???
@skier17 please do the following:
  1. On your PC click Cloud Sync > Sync Now
  2. In your APP tap Sync
  3. Review again
I’ve already done that.

The only thing I can think why this is happening is at some point I added some flight time directly on the desktop instead of the iPhone. Maybe that screwed something up??
If you're talking about FLIGHTS in the flights list, the PC does not send DATA to the mobile app. DATA is one way from mobile app to PC. The PC generates all reports and sends those to the mobile app, that's what I thought you were talking about not matching hence the resync guidance.

You have two options to get the flights on the mobile device:
  1. Add the flights on the mobile device that you input on your PC and check "Synchronized" so they don't send to your PC again.
  2. Add the flights on the mobile app and then remove from your PC and you can sync them if you choose, or if you make edits they will update on the PC
For more info on use of the app please review the docs.