DOS program question


Nov 15, 2001

A captain Im paired with this month saw my logbook program on my puter and fell in love with it. He's ready to buy, but has this old DOS program called simply 'The Logbook Program'. I'm guessing it's from the Atari age. Is there anyway he can copy a DOS program file to a Windows type file and load it into Logbook Pro? Im not a puter goro.

Just curious and told him I would ask ya before he decides to purchase it.

He has like 20 years of flying in this thing and 10,000 hours.
I thought my 6 days of entering stuff was bad, yishhh!!!!!!

Let me know.

Typically DOS databases save their data to ascii text files, which if he can open it in a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel, then he can import the data, if it's in a format similar to the Spreadsheet Style input area. If the data is in a comma separated or tab delimited data file, he may be in luck. If he wants to e-mail the data files from his DOS program, I can take a look and see if it's importable.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.