drive crash


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Mar 2, 2002
my old key wont work with the new logbook. I owned proffesional eddition and i want to sync versions up so i will need 2 keys.

thank you
I read the pol area about it and it says you wont replace lost passwords that it is our reponsibility to print and keep these. I have the old password it just wont open the logbook. In fact i have 2 old passwords because the first one i got didnt work and I had to get another from you. I am not trying to create extra work for you I am just concerned because at this time I cant get my backup to work with my other machine and i am hoping it will come out on this one. I have a year of flights on it and I don't have rip sheets for all of them meaning i only have sheets from my line flights. None of this is your resonsibility or your fualt I am just trying to fix it. Your help on this will be appreciated.
It's an easy fix! Simply submit a support request with your old key information and we will immediately replace it with a new key. We simply don't regenerate keys from scratch, we have to upgrade the old one you have. Go to The Logbook Pro Web Site click Support, fill out the information and send the old keys, we'll reply with a new one promptly and you'll be up and running!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.