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Oct 24, 2008
I wold love the ability to edit the drop down menus particularly for aircraft tail number and route of flight. There are more than a few airports I've only been to ONCE. I'm entering my logbooks into logbook pro, and I'd love not to have to scroll past these all the time, and don't want to wait for the clock to run out on them, because I'll be done with the logbook by then.

I've also run into this when my company purchased two aircraft, ran them with one tail number till the permanent registration went through, and then changed the tail numbers.

I've also incorrectly typed tail numbers, and again, haven't the paitence for them to disappear on thier own.
If a tail number is still in the drop down list it is still in your logbook somewhere. I suggest sorting your data by tail numbers and looking for the incorrect ones and change them.
That's not what I'm wishing for. The tail numbers were correct when I entered them. And they will ALWAYS be in my logbook, because that was the tail number on the aircraft when I flew it. I'm 'wishing' to remove the tail number ONLY from the drop down menu, becasuse I'll never fly that tail number again.

This goes the same for route-of-flight. I flew ONE flight from 2R4 to 5R4, but I still have to scroll past that route every time I enter a new flight. I'm logging all my pre-121 flight time, (10 years in the past) so I'm 'wishing" I weren't constantly having to scroll past the 2R4-5R4 flight.

It would be nice if I could remove routes and tail numbers from the drop down menus (in spreadsheet) without deleting those routes and tail numbers from my logbook. hopefully that clarifies.
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The tail numbers and routes go back as far as they need to in order to populate the list with the maximum number built in which is typically 15, this may have increased but I don't have the code in front of me at the moment. As you continue to fly these lists automatically update and only go back as far as required to populate the list. So in essence don't worry about the list, they are dynamically populated from the date of the flight entry backwards in time and continuously reflect your recent flying as of that date.
Well, I do appreciate the two prompt replies. I've actually been told a long time ago essentially how the drop down lists work. All I'm doing here is trying to get in my "suggestions for revisions and future versions." My wish of more control over the drop down lists remains.
Hi Neal,
So quick question about the drop down menu re tail numbers. I've switched back to a fleet that I haven't flown in many years, and I notice that even though I've flown a plane maybe 10 years ago, it's tail number is not showing up, I have to type it in.

Just out of curiosity how does the drop down menu work dynamically as you said? Does it only show the tails in the last 12 months or something?

Just interested
@skybronco tails are associated to the Type. Make sure the same type is selected and the recent 15 I believe it is will load otherwise you'll have to type it in again and then it becomes recently used again.