duration rounded to nearest 10th?


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Jun 4, 2003
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Am I the only pilot who wants to carry my flight duration out to two decimal places? When using time out and in to log duration, you use the clock rather than a Hobbs meter. In order to have a decimal equivalent for each minute, you need to carry two decimal places: i.e. 2 min = .03 hours, 35min=.58 hours, etc.. I have not yet found where I can configure the duration to show two decimal places. Anybody, anybody...

Logbook Pro is designed for 'tenths' i.e. one decimal place. However, the data is saved as you enter it but formatted to appear as one decimal place. Enter your data as desired, then when version 2 comes out down the road, it will allow multiple time format displays and your data will remain as accurate as you enter it.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Neal, I was looking for a solution to my problem and ran across this thread. My data imported from APDL has duration with two decimal places (hundreths). So based on this thread I wouldn't think this was possible. How do I rectify this situation? Unfortunately my data didn't autofill PIC and FAR 121 fields so I have to go back and manually fill them. But it doesn't let me because the duration doesn't match up with the other fields when I type in the number.