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Duration in minutes and seconds...


New member
Mar 14, 2004
Hi, is there a way to calculate and display the duration from OUT to IN up to the exact minutes and seconds? Right now it uses the decimal form which rounded up the seconds which might cause calculation error when the total hours of hundreds of flights are summed up.

Thank you.

Hi Stephen,

No, not in the current version. Version 2 will support multiple time formats. We do not have a date to announce yet, we are shooting for Q4 2004.

Duration options

Does the current version (1.10.26) have the option to calculate total duration in minutes instead of tenths? I'm not too concerned with the seconds aspect, but it would be nice if the duration could be totaled by minutes so that my Logbook Pro log would match my company log.

If this option is not available, do you have plans to release a version where this is available. If a version with this option does become available, will it automatically adjust the previous entries from tenths to actual minutes based on the IN/OUT times?