Trip Credit


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APDL Beta Team
May 26, 2009

Tring to get APDL to accurately reflect my correct pay credit and for the most part it does a good job. One scenario I am having trouble figuring out and I was wondering if you might have a work around. On a given trip our pay credit is based on a 5 hour average day. For example on a 4 day trip with a duty period on each day, the minimum credit for that trip would be 20 hours (5 hour average day).

where I am having trouble is on say a short continuous duty/ Illegal trip that has only 2 legs and one duty period. Total Block time for the trip was something like 2:50 but because of the average day rig we would receive 5 hours pay credit. Is there a way to set up APDL to calculate credit for this type of scenario?

If I cant get it to calculate credit correctly is there a way I can just enter the daily credit?


Larry do try using a different Pay Category than block and use the APPLY Minimum of 5+00 box. This can be found under Preferences....Pay Categories.

If you are unsuccessful, please submit a support ticket.