OUT and IN time logging


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Oct 4, 2008
I'd like to log my time using the actual time of day. For example, the door closes at 19:22 and the door opens at 21:57. According to my company that is the time I can log as flight time and is what I get paid for. Can log book pro calculate this for me? How do I set it up? I read a support article about this and it said to click on the word "Duration" in window mode to toggle decimal time or hours and minutes. I do have the latest version and this feature does not work.

Logbook Pro can do what you want. Please follow the directions below.

  1. Start Logbook and go to OPTIONS...FLIGHT LOG TAB
  2. Select Auto Duration by OUT IN
  3. Click the CONFIG DISPLAY & place checkmarks in the OUT and IN fields to display them
  4. Click OK and the CLOSE
  5. Now select to display your Logbook in the SPREADSHEET FORMAT (CTRL + J)
  6. Now you may click in either the OUT or IN field and enter your actual times. When you get done with the entry it will auto calculate the duration based on your times.

NOTE: Logbook Pro isn't timezone aware so you will need to enter your times in UTC or make adjusts for timezone on your own.


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Actually, the flight time (loggable) in most countries = The time a aircraft moves under it's own power with the intend to go and fly.

No issue to me, just figured I'll bring it up... legally sitting still on the tarmac is not loggable time untill the airplane has moved....

I have been flying under part 121 for years and that is how every airline and FAA POI allow flight time to be logged. You "flight time" is called block time in the airlines. Once the L1 door is closed and the parking brake is released for pushback the ACARS (if installed) sends a message to the company that the aircraft has blocked out (this starts your flight time). The time continues to run until the aircraft has blocked in. The parking brake is set and L1 is opened again. You are paid on block time and all the 14 CFR 121 time limits (e.g. 30 in 7, 100 in month, and a 1000 in a year) imposed by the FAA are calculated on block.

Actual flight time is only used by maintenance for caclulating mx functions and cycles on the aircraft. The computers also record lift off and touchdown times and send those to the company. If ACARS isn't installed the pilots are on the honor system to write those times in the books and phone them into the company.

This entire block time is
Yes Eric, that was my point.... doors closed isn't OFF BLOCK......

thank for the explanation.