Duty and Rest estimations capability


Jun 2, 2005
Here's one more...

When things are running late, it is nice to run some "what if's" to see if the flight can be started legally... without modifying the main logpage.

A situation might go like this:I think we will block out at this time, ETE is whatever (or estimated block in), add time for duty out (a default setting). Will this leg end with in limits?

Additionally, Imight want to look atleg 4 when I am on leg 2. Having a page where I can take the schedule, modify it to what I think will happen based on turn time or weather dalays, and calculate rest (without changing the main logbook page) would be a cool tool. You could say make a copy, play with the copy, and not affect the original.

Or when is the latest I can block out for this flight based on 16 hours or 14 hours... do you see what I'm saying?

Using a different color screen on the "what if" page might minimize confusion for any real data entry.