Duty on Time not correct


Jun 26, 2005
For example, if I have a 1549Z Take Off, My Duty On time should be 1449Z. I am based at DFW (UTC-6,Daylight Savings in effect). When I click on the Duty On Block, the time comes up 0735. Where does this information come from and why is it not 1449Z?
No, I had to manually load the data since you do not have a schedule importer for AA(not Eagle, different schedule generator) for the pocket pc. But I do load the schedule in local time zones. Back to the previous example.
Local time take off at DFW is 1049. Click on Duty On, 0305 comes up as the time to tap on. Local time should be 1 hour prior correct? So the time should be 0949L? Where is this time coming from???
Yes, I submited this request a while back but no schedule importer has been added as of yet
When you tap on (Duty On) or (Duty Off) the time tap area will appear with two preset times (Last actual duty in + duty offset) and (Actual PDA) time.
Thanks for the input. I will go to your suggestions section for future product requests and make the suggestion that duty on can be defined the user.