Logged Duty times not adjusting correctly...


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Aug 31, 2009
- First 2 legs cancelled prior to duty
-- Duty times (begin & end) adjusted correctly and appropriately
- 3rd leg had a long delay before blocking out
-- all times for subsequent flights adjusted by scheduled durations, which is great

- Time for end of day 1 duty isn't correct. It shows the same as block in, instead of block in + 30 minutes
- Overnight rest (displayed at beginning of day 2) not calculated correctly. It should use values from day 1 estimated times to calculate rest. It currently shows the scheduled rest before any delays.

The rest time after that duty proud in projected mode is not being calculated correctly either...
That would kind of defeat the purpose of the projected mode? I believe that it did calculate correctly when all closed out, but it would be nice too suspect what may happen I the future. If it's going to project times, it should project the appropriate rest too.