Entering Take-off/Landing times


Jul 7, 2008
I always enter out/in times and take-off/land times for my sectors (using spreadsheet style logbook). I used to be able to use the tab key to move between hours and minutes for this entry, but now when I enter time out - hours - and push tab it goes to the hours for the next input instead of minutes for the out time.

I now have to enter time out - hours - and then click on the minutes part with my mouse before I can make an entry there. Have I inadvertently changed a setting somewhere that has caused this to happen, or was it changed intentionally as part of a program update?
Hello Geoff,

We had to change the date/time controls due to international issues with the system previously. This one is just as easy to use you just have to know how to use it. To enter a date enter the month then a / then the day then a / then the year, i.e. you don't need to use tab. When you press / it will advance to the next section. Same with time except you use a : to change between hours and minutes, i.e. type in 08:45 and it will enter it directly.

For the date element you can use the drop down calendar, click the caption of the calendar to quickly change month/year or use up/down arrow to change values or + / - buttons to change values. The same applies to the time editor.

Hope this helps.
Yes it does help, that makes entering times and dates a lot easier for me. Thanks for the prompt reply.