Enterprise Edition

Jul 2, 2004
Dear Neal,

If I purchase an enterprise edition for use with my students can I make an entry in theirlogbook and then easily duplicate that same entry in mine or vice versa? If not this would be a useful feature for your next version. Additionally it would help to market your product toflight instructors and their students. Ultimatelythis would speed data entry while improving the accuracy by avoiding to having to enter most of the same information twice.
Hi Mark,

The Enterprise Edition does allow unlimited pilots to use Logbook Pro on a single terminal. I am open to suggestions on how to extract a flight from each students logbook and have these 'fragments' inserted into your logbook. The only thing I can think of is to select the single row and export it, then import it into yours, I think it would take less time to just type it. You'll also have inconsistencies such as the student logs dual, you'd log dual given (CFI, instruction, whatever you want to call it). I'll have to chew on this, I can see having 'linked' logbooks where this may be possible, but this would be a system in itself. I'll keep this in mind as Logbook Pro continues to grow.


In my mind I invisionsomething like this. In in instructors logbook have a button that would appear with each record that when clicked would then duplicate all the same information into a students logbook. The students could be selected from a drop down menu. Additionally this button could be associated with auto fill characteristics set by the instructor for each student. I know I would be willing to a bit more for and "Instructors" version. Entering simple items like times and number of approaches is one thing but having to duplicate all the remarks is a bit more time consuming.This information would be great for allowing the instructor to keep up on exactly where each student is and also help document that all the necessary information was taught should their be any leagal action as some point down the road. I hope you find this info useful. Take care.
Thanks Mark! Yes, ALL suggestions are useful! Otherwise I may never know and my ideas are finite, so I depend on the great customers like you to help grow Logbook Pro to be a better product!

As for the remarks, something you could do with the Enterprise Edition is make the flight entry, either on the student's log or yours, select all in the Remarks field, copy to the Windows Clipboard (CTRL+C) then open the 'other' log (yours or student) and PASTE (CTRL+V) the remarks in the new flight entry. Then zing through the other columns and you're done.

Just a quick ramble, sort of along these lines......I see a potental for a problem for your consideration. I really haven't done this as of yet and really am not sure if I'm looking at the process correctly but here goes.

I bought the enterprise addition with grandios (sp) ideas of keeping student logs and having them buy their own copy of LB pro for themselves. Their copy would be the "master" and I would hold the "clone". They would enter their "solo" or later their PIC flights in their logbook and I would enter our duel flights in mine.The logs could be synced and the totals would be all compiled to both logs. Later, after they got their ratings andI kicked them outta the nest, from time to time they could e-mail me the "clone file" and I could sync the files provideing a "backup" in a remote location for them and I would have a current log if they came back foradvanced instruction/flight reviews, ect.

Here is the rub as I see it......as I understand it, through the update process, if all master and cloned logs are not synced before the update, they will not sync after the update. Not a big deal for me and a couple of students......but for the future potential of the enterprise edition in a large flight school environment, this could render the program useless unless you could get say 100 students to all sync and update at the same time, a pretty un-likely featin my opinion.

Now, like I said, I haven't really done this yet and maybe in reality I wouldn't do it this way, and maybe this isn't how it is intended to be used,but it was just a thought that hit me during the last upgrade that I did when I saw the "make sure you sync your clones warning".

Blue skies,

Hi Craig,

I'm like a dog trying to understand what's going on, twisting and turning my head in understanding your usage of the master and clone situation. This is quite a different way then the intended FBO/Flight School operation. Yes, there is the 'possiblity' of an update breaking master/clones if the structure of the data file changes. When this happens, the update system actually creates a brand new data file for you, then copies all of the data out of the old to the new, therefore all 'ties' between master/clone's may be lost.

The intended use for Flight school operations is for students to keep their own data files, not masters or clones, but stand-alone data files. The flight school would have the Enterprise Edition on their terminals so you can open any data file (of course they can be password protected for security) and review the data, make new entries, etc. So for example, I'm instructing today and John Doe is my student. Prior to John's arrival, and in my preparation for his instructional ride, I review his progress, any notes on what needs attention, etc. by opening his Logbook Pro data file. I can also review his logbook entries to ensure he's figuring out how to log flight time, etc. I then can open my data file and keep my log up to date, totally separately from his. When John Doe moves on, graduates, etc. I create a backup of his data file and present it to him on a floppy disk, or CD, etc. He can then purchase Logbook Pro for himself and restore the Logbook Pro data file and continue uninterrupted use.

As you can see, the use of the Enterprise Edition is not intended for sync'ing via master/clone's, although that may be a system you adopt, with the potential for interruption via upgrades, but instead for individual logbook usage.

Hope this helps.

Hi Neal,

I like the dog head reference....I use it all the time.

Well, what you are saying makes since. It was my own misguided thoughts of how to use the program that lead me astray!

I was thinking more in terms of the student having their own copy of LB pro long before they ever leave the flight school environment.....so they could go home and open their logbook make an entry for a flight they did that day. I wasent thinking in respect that they would make every entry on the flight schools computer where the enterprise edition was housed.

I'm the kinda guy that would wantto have and hold that stuff myself.....I would want to have my own copy at home to fondle! Thats where I got concerned about keeping what would be two sets of logbooks in sync, setting up the master/clone scenario.

Kinda leads to my suggestion over on the wish list side about a reader. If the setup was your way then at least the student could have a reader to open his/her data file at home to gaze longingly at theiraccrued hours.

Happy Easter!


There's nothing saying you (student) can't keep a separate logbook. Make the entry on the flight school computer, back it up, take the backup home and restore, or vice-versa, come in with your backup, restore your latest data file, etc. Logbook Pro's evaluation limits are also designed to allow student pilots to get through a typical private pilot cert w/o ever having to purchase, hence the 50 entry cap on the eval edition.

Bottom line, flexibility is the key. There are many ways to skin this cat....creativity is our only boundary! It's interesting hearing the different uses and also helps shape future versions, both in further extending, as well as providing catches to keep people from going in the wrong direction.