error building structure

riot shields

New member
Apr 20, 2006
when i start logbook pro it says "your logbook will now be updated to take advantage of several new features".
when i press ok it starts to "build structure" at the bottom left of the screen.
it gets to 100% but freezes at that point then it stops responding. why is this program doing this? logbook pro works on my desktop but not on my laptop. my laptop is less than a year old and has all the requirements to run the program.

thank youuu
well i havent bought it yet, it's just a version i was able to download from your site on to try out i guess. but when it starts to build it's structure it goes to 100% and then freezes. logbookpro works great on my desktop and my pocket pc, but it freezes when i try to instal it on my laptop.
Depending on how much data you have it may take some time to update the structure. Best thing to do is fill out a support ticket and include either a backup of your data file or zip compress your .LBK file for review.