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Error message using pda wizard


Dec 22, 2005
I recently tried using the pda wizard while trying to sync my apdl info to logbook pro and received this message each time:

Error: LoadPalmPref
An error was encountered retrieving Palm device preferrences. Please check the username, perform a hotsync and retry.

I did (at least I think I did) what the message says and still nothing. I have all the current releases of apdl and logbook pro, so i'm a bit stumped.

Hello Jon,

Most likely HotSync is not sending the files properly from your Palm device to the PC. Make sure you are using the latest version of APDL (6.0.4) then go into the Preferences and make a small change. HotSync and re-run the PDA Wizard. Please also see the following KB article for HotSync settings.
Fixed.....thanks, didn't have my hotsync preference for "backup" set to handheld overwrites desktop. As soon as I changed it, the sync worked perfectly.