EVO 3D Problem


Sep 19, 2005
Good Morning,

Yesterday my EVO 3D froze up and I had to do a complete reset to factory settings after I removed the sd card. I had not yet synced many logged flights to the cloud. Does anyone know if it's possible to retrieve the data from the SD card?

Thank You!!
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Hi Ryan,

Sorry to hear of the device issue. I'm not sure that Logbook Pro, when reinstalled, if it will see the data on the SD card as it's encrypted by the Android OS and it may be unique to the installed application at that time. It's handled by the OS so I don't have an answer for you, all you can do is try.

As a side note, there is no reason not to sync to the cloud. It's a backup in a way...whenever you're done entering information, sync to the cloud. If you make changes to that information and sync again, it will get updated in the cloud, not duplicated. In fact, the flights area will not get duplicated even if you sync all the way to the PC. For example, add an entry on the device, sync to the cloud, sync to the PC, update your device data and repeat the process, your PC will get updated, not duplicated. So it doesn't hurt to sync to the cloud and if you ever had a device issue, the data is staged in the cloud for you ready to be picked up by the PC.

I hope the reinstall works out for you, let us know what you find.

I have reinstalled the Logbook Pro application and it doesn't appear to see the data on the SD card.

It was my policy to input data into the logbook pro application directly from ACARS and then double check with crewtrac prior to syncing. In light of your insight regarding "sync to cloud" I will change my methods to avoid issues with losing data in the future.

Thanks Again!