Expiring medical and currencies...


Aug 13, 2002
I have a 1st class medical which expires to a 2cd class medical, for an additional 6 months, at the end of this month (November).</o:p>
Within my currency tracker, take for example "FAR Part 91 Passenger Carriage ASEL Day", the ALL TO PASS section includes "3 landings in the Past 90 Days" and"Biennial Flight Review". The ANY TO PASS section includes my history items such as Class 1 Medical, Class 2and Class 3.</o:p>
With my 1st class medical expiring, I receive a notice upon start up of Logbook Pro informing me that all the currencies which I have tied to that 1st class medical are set to expire at the end of this month. However, I do have 2cd and 3rd class medical still listed in the ANYTO PASSsection.
My question, is there or could there be a way to set my currency item up so that once my 1st class medical expires, the currency item will recognize that an expiring 1st class medical will revert to a 2cd class medical and therefore will remain actively current when requiring any of a1st, 2cd or 3rd class medical to pass.

The warning you are getting at the startup is from the History area of Logbook Pro. Once it's expired, it will not appear. This is NOT the currency itself expiring as you have it configured precisely how you should. It will search for any of the classes to be valid for the ANY TO PASS to pass.

Version 2 I'm anticipating the stepping of medicals as well as age checks that affect the duration.

Thanks for the quick reply and I look forward to this “addressment” (if that is a word) of medicals in Version 2.</o:p>
As it stands now, my currencies do show in yellow that they will expire when my 1st class medical expires at the end of this month, as they are a function of that medical. The only way I can think of correcting this temporarily is to change the first class medical, in the history section,to a second class medical using the original issue date of the 1st. Am I mistaken? Thank again.
You would need to have a current Class 2 or 3. For example, what you could do now, knowing how the medicals regress is when you accomplish a Class 1 medical, enter THREE medicals into your History area. Each with correct expiration dates based on the regression. Does that make sense?

So in effect, if you get a Class 1, you also have a Class 2 and 3 which extended expirations. Or, as you alluded, just change from Class 1 to Class 2, etc. as they approach. However, you would then lose the record of when you had your last Class 1 if you needed that information.

Makes perfect sense. I think I will attack it in that way. Appreciate all the hard work. Keep it up and fly safe.