History Items and due dates:


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Mar 2, 2002
I recently purchased the program and like it real well. However I am confused on something. In the options, history menu for the medical and biennial times I specified 36 months for my 3rd class medical to expire. Then when I went to the history or the currency menus it still gave me a due date that was 24 months from the date I entered. I fixed the problem by going to the history button and typing in the correct due date. Is this the correct thing to do? What is the point of having the program calculate the due date as is suggested in the options menu, when I had to go in to the history folder and manually change the due date? Or am I missing something?



First, please be sure you have 1.6 Build 232. There was a bug with this a few builds back. When you configure a time frame for History Items in Options...History, it only applies to future items created. Try going into History, adding your medical and see if it calculates the expiration properly. Once a date is in the Expires field, Logbook Pro will not change it, in case the user overrode the value and it needs to be different than the auto-calculated expiration.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.