Need Info Exporting to LBP desktop via APDL


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Sep 1, 2013
Is there a way to have the crew names automatically append to the remarks section when importing data to LBP desktop from APDL?

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Just below the export options is a box that will allow you to customize what goes into the remarks section. Fill this out before snagging the flights.
Are you talking about in LBP or on the APDL website? If it's in LBP, I tried that, but it will only allow one column for each, so if I put crew in remarks, I would have to not use the remarks box itself. A workaround I did for the last trip was just to type the crew into the remarks, but I'd like a way to streamline it.

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I was referring to the website. You can't get the data out unless you specify what needs to be parsed, e.g. it wouldn't matter what you did in LBP because the data wouldn't be there.

So. On customize the remarks box with your desired info and that will then be exported to the file which is imported in LBP.
Here's what my remarks box looks like:
Flight: [fno] Crew: [fltcrew] Duty: [dutytime]

Thanks for the screen shot! For some reason I don't have those same notes showing on mine. And when I try to click on the custom remarks column to edit it, I am unable. You're definitely on the right track for what I wanted, but I can't figure out how to actually do it on my end.

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Ok, I just found it. Apparently it only is available if you select by leg instead of by day. :-( I'll have to stick with manually doing it for now as I prefer logging by day.

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I used to log by day too but by leg is the only supported way. Since it's not a huge deal anymore (no manual logging) I gave in and started exporting by leg.